A Little Bit About Us!


Jenniffer Erick started in the real estate industry back in 2004 after leaving a government position. She began as a real estate assistant doing all the “behind the scenes” work for another agent and her admin experience proved to be a great asset! In 2007 she decided to get her real estate license and began her career on the front lines, helping clients directly in their real estate ventures.

Blu Erick had his roots in the oil & gas sector and when the recession hit in 2008 he found himself wondering if there could be something better that he could manage for himself instead of someone else. He got his license in 2009 and decided to start a team with Jenniffer shortly afterwards.

We have worked tremendously hard to create trustworthy contacts in all fields of the industry. Ranging from home inspectors, mortgage brokers, banks, surveyors, lawyers, contractors, builders and countless other professions. All of this knowledge is passed forward to every single client we work with.

We’ve always thought customer service should be number one and often wondered why it was so great in other countries when spending your holidays at a resort. We aimed to bring that same level of service to people right here in our own province and that’s exactly what we provide! 5 star service…. every time!

We also understand that buying a home is the largest investment most people will make in their lifetime. We want it to be a great experience and one that will make you money as an investment down the road. It takes patience to find the right home as well as a good understanding of the neighborhoods and property values in those neighborhoods.

Your privacy is also front-and-center with us! What happens with us, stays with us! Your plans, finances etc… will be kept strictly confidential and if you’re selling your home…. those pesky neighbors won’t get a bit of info from us!

Don’t take our word for it… experience the difference for yourself and get our family working for your family!

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